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3 Things to Consider for Your Wedding Spray Tan

Bridal Spray Tan

A subtle glow for you big day

A lot of time, money, and effort go in to planning a wedding.

When it comes to your wedding spray tan don’t make the mistake of getting a last minute spray tan.   Here are a few things to consider for a bridal spray tan:

1. Get a trial spray tan

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when getting a spray tan.  If you have never had one before it can sometimes seem overwhelming the first time.

By doing a trial bridal spray tan you can practice the pre and post tan instructions.

It also gives you and your spray tan tech an idea how you would like your color for your special day.

It is recommended to do your trial spray tan at least 3-4 weeks before your wedding.


2. Timing of your appointment

There are a lot of other appointments that go hand in hand with being a bride. It is recommend getting your pedicure BEFORE your spray tan, but not the same today. A pedicure after your spray tan may cause fading of your tan and a pedicure the day of your spray tan cause a barrier on your skin (from the lotion) that will block the spray tan from developing evenly on your legs.

It is recorded that you do not wax your body before your spray tan, especially if you do not normally wax. Waxing can cause non visible damage to the skin, but the damage will become visible when the spray tan clings to it. The same rule applies to eyebrow appointments.

Facials, chemical peels, and any other abrasive facial treatments should be avoided a month or more leading up to your bridal tan.

Eyelash extension appointments should done 24 hours before your spray tan.

Ideally your bridal tan appointment should be two days before your wedding. Tans can certainly be done the day before as well.


3. Clear Solution

Consider asking for clear solution. Here at Golden Standard Spray Tans in Manchester, NH we live up to our expectation as the best spray tan in New Hampshire by now offering clear solution. Spray tan solutions contain cosmetic bronzers. This gives the technician a guide of the spray tan application as well as provides an instant glow satisfaction for the client. Cosmetic bronzers are rinsed away after the first shower, however the bronzers can settle in your pores for a day or two and may cause spray tan “rub off” on your gown.

At Golden Standard Spray Tans in Manchester, NH we now offer clear solution in the same luxury express rinse formula everyone knows and loves! Our solutions contain organic ingredients, are vegan, cruelty free, para-ban free, and packed with pharmaceutical grade moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, that are imported from Paris.  We offer the longest lasting spray tans in the area.  With proper before and after care  our spray tans can last up to 12 days with even fading!

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