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Why Spray Tan Safe Products are Important

They key to a perfect, long lasting, and glowing spray tan also includes using the right products before, during, and after your spray tan.

OTC (Over the Counter)/Drug Store products contain harsh ingredients that can leave residue on your skin (i.e. dove soap), cause excessive drying, and strip your spray tan.

All of our products are professional grade and are sold to spray tan professionals only.  They were developed by and for spray tanners to increase the life of your spray tan up to 3-5 days!

Why the higher price tag on these products?  

It is similar to purchasing hair products through your hairdresser.  They are sold directly to hair stylists and contain higher end ingredients.  Although you can find them in certain stores (CVS, WALMART) they are not guaranteed authentic and are most likely tampered with or expired.

Like hair stylists who want you to have the perfect hair by using professional salon quality products, we want you to have the perfect tan by using professional spray tan shower gel, lotion, tan extender, and mousse.

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