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How to get a perfect spray tan for $1

I’m sure by now you have caroused my website ( and came across ALL of the tips and recommendations I have to get the BEST spray tan results.

Pre and post tan skin preparation is crucial for a perfect long lasting spray tan.

At Golden Standard Spray Tans in Manchester, New Hampshire, I do a consultation before each tan and ask “did you follow the pre-tan instructions?” And most clients say “yes!”  Then I proceed to ask, “when you exfoliated, did you use a nylon exfoliating mitt?”  And about I’m surprised how many of my clients say “no.”

What this the magical mitt that only costs $1? A NYLON EXFOLIATING GLOVE

It gives your skin a deep exfoliation without irritation. 

Where can one be purchased:

At the dollar store! Dollar Tree to be exact! I have also seen them for a few dollars more at Marshall/TJMaxx and CVS/Walmart.

Exfoliation is so important because spray tanning tans the outer most layer of your skin. Which is comprised of mostly dead skin. So it is important to exfoliate your skin to eliminate flaky skin as well as residue left behind by your soap, conditioner, perfume, deodorant, and shaving cream/razor.   This way your skin so fresh and clean it will create a perfect blank canvas for the solution to be applied and developed evenly.



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