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Golden Standard Spray Tans is here for all your spray tanning needs!  Golden Standard Spray Tans is setting the standards high for sunless tanning.  We use luxury solution with high end ingredients to keep your skin looking beautiful and to prolong the life of your sunless tan!

From the moment you walk in we make you feel warm and welcome.  We start your appointment with a consultation about your spray tan and customize the perfect solution blend for you.

We do not up-charge for add-on services or rapid developing solutions (normally $5-10+).

While some salons advertise about their "organic" spray tans, we do not offer "organic" spray tans as there is no such thing! The USDA does not certify DHA as organic, no company,can make or carry USDA certified organic solutions. However, our solutions CONTAIN organic ingredients, are vegan, cruelty free, para-ban free, and packed with moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, that are imported from Paris.  We offer some of the longest lasting spray tans in the area.  With proper before and after care one of spray tans can last up to 12 days with even fading!

While some local salons boast about their  "heated" spray tan, we keep our room cozy and warm with the fire place.  Heated solutions feel great in the moment however heated solutions do not yield the best results  and may not last as long or fade as evenly as our luxury spray tans.  But don't worry we keep our machine tucked away which heats the air producing a "heated" spray tan.

Our studio is adjacent to and within Connor-Healy (family's business). We are located at 531 Union Street. Please pull into the Connor-Healy parking lot and take a right toward the gravel and use the first floor entrance on the side of the building  No. 531. 

Cash or credit/debit cards accepted.

Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of appointment. 

Due to the overwhelming amount of "no call, no shows" we must now require a credit card on file for first time clients.  A no-call no-show fee of $50 will be charged to the card should you miss your visit without proper notification. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

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Our Team



Ryann Healy

Spray Tan Technician

Ryann has been spraying for over seven years, and started Golden Standard Spray Tans out of her love and passion for sunless tans. With professionalism, attention to detail, reliability, and experience Golden Standard Spray Tans sets itself apart as the best spray tan in Manchester, NH.

Ryann is a professional WNBF women's bodybuilder and has mastered the art of competition tans as well.

A full time funeral director, she operates her studio within the building adjacent of her family's firm in order to better accommodate client times during the day. 


Meghan Healy

Spray Tan Technician

Meghan has been spraying with Golden Standard Spray Tans for over seven years.  Along with her sister, Ryann, they have developed a reputation for providing the best spray tans in town.  Meghan will make you feel welcome and pampered as she pays attention to every fine detail.

Meghan is a WNBF women's bikini professional and has years of experience with competition tanning as well. 

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What our clients say

Ryann is truly amazing. She has sprayed me now for a few bodybuilding competitions and I couldn't imagine trusting anyone else. Not only did she make sure I had the perfect tan she accommodated my crazy schedule.

Ryann is a true professional. Not only does she make you feel completely comfortable during the entire process she continuously researches industry standards and products to make sure she brings only the best to her clients.

Golden Standard Spray Tans/the Healy family are simply the best. As seasoned competitors themselves, they truly understand what goes into a show day package. They use the highest quality products, and genuinely want you to look your absolute best. This is applicable for bodybuilding competitions and for day-to-day tans as well! Every time I get sprayed it gets better! Ryann is constantly working with the best in the spray tan industry to better herself, and is incredibly professional, personable, and flexible. The best part is that the level of authenticity she puts into her work! She really wants you to have a personal experience, and will go the extra mile in terms of time spent on the tan/incredible flexibility when scheduling your tan so you can look your absolute best with the least stress. I highly highly recommend golden standard spray tans if you want an experience were the client is the priority!

Google Reviews 

I got my first spray and it turned out amazing!  It looked so natural with perfect coverage. Ryann was very professional and provided great details on what to do pre and post spray; so as a first-timer I was not nervous or unsure of what to do at all!  I will definitely be going back to Golden Standard Spray Tans and highly recommend that you give this great place a try!

Best sprays in manchester! This girl is genuinely compassionate about what she does! She truly takes the time and pays attention to every spray she does. I've gone to Ryann multiple times for sprays all cosmetic, not competitive sprays. She is extremely thorough and will make sure that your preparation for getting your spray is just as she helself would prepare for a spray herself. She truly cares that you got the perfect spray and that it lasts! She has truly educated herself on what is the best of the best products out there. She was very well-versed on the two products she was offering me to try there first night I got a spray tan from her. I chose to get the rapid  spray. Which could be washed off in an hour. I had never been happier with a spray tan in my life! I have been to many people who have spray tanned, who are either unprofessional or do not have the right equipment. Ryann will not let you leave without being completely satisfied, and will always check in with you the next day to make sure your spray is perfect which I truly appreciate. I would definitely recommend Golden Standard!!


I've had a few spray tans in the past, but this last spray tan was by far my best and favorite. It's 10 days post tan and I still have color. The pre and post care instructions are so detailed and on point. And the attention to detail during my spray tan was amazing. They made sure everything blended naturally, including my fingers, which I've not experienced in past spray tans. They are professional, passionate about their work, but welcoming and friendly. If you happen to enter with nerves, you will leave feeling relaxed, confident and happy with your tan! I cannot wait for my next tan! PS it's been 10 days, and I still have color. I credit detailed prep steps!

Best Spray Tan I have ever had, hands down! I've done booth and airbrush tans before, and Golden Standard just became my new actual standard.

The little studio is super cozy and cute. Forgot something, like your string thong? No worries - the disposable ones are available on the cheap. After-care lotion, an exfoliating scrub, whatever you need is here in an adorable retail space!

I wasn't uncomfortable once - not only is Ryann fast, thorough, and amazingly professional, she also heats the booth/pop up tent where you stand to get sprayed so that you stay warm while standing there with all your naughty bits out in the open (which, by the way, is totally optional - wear as much or little as you want!). 

The whole process took about 10-15 minutes. Ryann was sure to go back over areas I wanted a little darker, and talked to me about the solution and the process while she was spraying. Be careful to wear baggy clothes, try to use the cloth to keep your skin-to-skin contact to a minimum. Re-frocked and freshly bronzed, I headed home and went to bed.

Cut to - next morning - showered off the excess (prepare for your shower water to make you look like you just spent a week playing in the mud - this is normal!!), put on a little lotion and VOILA! The tan I've been chasing all summer, achieved in a measly few hours. Not a single "weird spot", not on my hands, elbows, knees, feet, face, underarms.. you know, the usual suspects. Nothing. Anywhere. Just smooth, even color that legit looks like I went to Aruba last night (a girl can dream). Quick note - if you want to look like you spent a week in Costa Rica or a month in Mexico - all can be achieved. Just tell Ryann how dark you want to be and your typical complexion and she has a variety of solutions to mix and create your perfect shade!

Price is great - on the lower end for spray tans these days and worth every single penny. Service was outstanding. Results are superb! Follow the rules -- seriously!! and you will have an absolutely gorgeous spray tan for your next event, or just for fun!

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