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Wedding tanning services

We are now able to offer our premium quality luxury rapid rinse spray tan in a CLEAR option.  Typical spray tan solutions are formulated with cosmetic bronzers.  These bronzers are the color you see immediately after your spray tan.  They are washed away after the first shower.  However, the cosmetic bronzers can linger in your pores and may transfer onto your gown.

Our clear solution upgrade is the perfect option for brides or anyone looking to avoid the transfer of bronzers onto clothing.

Wedding Spray Tan Package (2 Tans)

  • Premium CLEAR solution used
  • 1 Trial tan to achieve perfect color
  • 1 Spray Tan for your special day
  • Natural looking customized color
  • Complimentary Rapid Rinse Formula

Best Bridal Spray Tan in Manchester, NH

Are you searching for the best place to get a spray tan for your wedding? No need to look any further. We LOVE making brides GLOW on their special day.

We now offer CLEAR solution options. This ensures no transfer of bronzers onto your wedding gown.

Our clear solution option is the same premium luxury we provide each and every client with high end ingredients imported from Paris.

When it comes to a bridal spray tan, LESS is always MORE.  A white gown should be the main attraction, not the spray tan.  Let our bridal spray tan simply make the skin glow. After all, it doesn't take much to stand out against a white dress.

While it is not required, we recommend booking a trial tan at least three weeks before your big day, especially for first time spray tanners.  This helps you to get an idea of the pre/post spray tan process as well as what your color will look like for the big day.

bridal spray tan trial

bridal trial spray tan


We highly recommend a trial spray tan ideally three or more weeks out from your wedding day and two days before your trial make-up session.  Getting a trial spray tan is especially important for new clients and first time spray tanners so they know ahead of time how to prepare for and maintain a sunless tan.

Why Spray Tan Safe Products are Important

They key to a perfect, long lasting, and glowing spray tan also includes using the right products before, during, and after your spray tan.

OTC (Over the Counter)/Drug Store products contain harsh ingredients that can leave residue on your skin (i.e. dove soap), cause excessive drying, and strip your spray tan.

All of our products are professional grade and are sold to spray tan professionals only.  They were developed by and for spray tanners to increase the life of your spray tan up to 3-5 days!

Why the higher price tag on these products?  

It is similar to purchasing hair products through your hairdresser.  They are sold directly to hair stylists and contain higher end ingredients.  Although you can find them in certain stores (CVS, WALMART) they are not guaranteed authentic and are most likely tampered with or expired.

Like hair stylists who want you to have the perfect hair by using professional salon quality products, we want you to have the perfect tan by using professional spray tan shower gel, lotion, tan extender, and mousse.

Bridal Spray tan

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